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From professional therapy services, to social groups, sports, music, drama and our community café, our Centre is promoting inclusivity, opportunity and a brighter future for our children. The Centre is unique in Ireland. We work to remove educational disadvantage and isolation and to build capacity in order to fully participate in society.

The innovative and unique design of the Centre is a holistic community where every aspect of the challenges of ASD is supported. We provide a coordinated pathway of care and a thriving hub of support for every child and their family from the time they begin at the Centre in early childhood until they reach young adulthood. Every one of the families we help experiences a fully integrated approach where the future of their child is embraced, and they can build on progress and be supported through transitions.

We aim to intervene early and continue to build skills to overcome the challenges of ASD that lead to educational disadvantage. The short and medium-term goals for the child or young adult vary depending on their age and their individual needs, but include:

  • Pre-school: turn-taking, learning to interact during play.
  • School age: building tolerance to stay in the classroom, developing cognitive skills for learning, coping with anxiety, learning social skills, supporting transitions and change.
  • Teens: social groups to develop skills to interact with peers and develop friendships.
  • Young adults: gaining skills that lead to qualifications including mentoring, sports coaching and kitchen skills.

The range of different activities and therapies we provide, including social groups, music, sports, mentoring, parent training, sibling support, professional therapies and a community café, ensures that each child and young person is supported in a holistic way and allowed to explore the therapies and activities that will benefit them most.

At the Rainbow Club, we help the children develop their social skills using a wide range of activities such as:

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