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The Rainbow Club Cork Centre for Autism supports children, teens, young adults and their families living with autism by bridging the gap in services and activities so that they can reach their full potential. Learn more about us

Our services help young people with Autism reach their full potential

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Who We Are

The Rainbow Club is a lifeline to families, children, young teens and adults living with Autism. We support their needs in coping with the world and challenges they face on a daily basis.

Our aim is to help, support and teach people about Autism, how to live every day with it, and the challenges it brings to the child and family. We understand what’s needed to cope with the diagnoses and how to get support from each other. We teach children and young people to communicate, make new friends, be part of a group, learn new skills, and how to be themselves, proudly accepting Autism, and finding their own place in the world.

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The first time I heard about Rainbow Club – Cork Charity, was back in 2015. I heard Karen on the radio talking about opening a club for children with Autism. I messaged her straight away and was asked to call in. From then, our amazing journey with the Rainbow Club started. Read more…

Parents Karen and John share their powerful story of trying to achieve the best outcomes for their daughter and the crucial support that Rainbow Club Cork was able to give them. Read more…

The Rainbow Club, Cork Charity which was set up by Seán’s parents Karen O Mahony and John has helped Sean find his passion for baking and make the best of lockdown’s challenges and as a result, Seán has established a new business for himself in May 2021 called “The Autistic Baker’. Read More…

We have an amazing group of staff, management and volunteers working hard for the children we support!

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Rainbow Club Cork relies on the generosity of our amazing community of supporters and we are always blown away by the commitment people make to support our vital work.
There are lots of ways you can help make a difference; by organising a fundraiser, volunteering at one of our events, helping connect us to new opportunities, or donating directly.

The Cottage Community Cafe

The Cottage Community Café run by Rainbow Club will support us well into the future. It has brought the local community and groups together with Rainbow Club families, promoting inclusion for our children to learn from the community and for the community to learn about our children and teens.

We have hard-working part-time staff and Club parents, all trained in HACCP and food safety, in here each week volunteering their time to support the café and most importantly their children who will benefit from the café in their future.

Our Resources

Check out our resources and helpful learnings to assist with your child’s development.

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