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Partnership with MA Applied Psychology UCC and Carl Project At UCC

“The Rainbow club has developed very positively and successfully with Carl UCC over the years.
We welcome students that worked with us and our families to gather information, evaluate it and put it into a report for Rainbow Club for potential funding and replication.

The students do this in their final year as part of their thesis and We as an organization are delighted to support them. Anna Kingston the Coordinator of the Carl project is inspirational and amazing to work with and the many supervisors supporting the students have been instrumental support to the students and us. We are delighted to continue this amazing initiative and partnership and We thank UCC for this wonderful support to Rainbow Club Cork and the families”. Karen CEO
 ‘The MA Applied Psychology programme in the School of Applied Psychology, UCC has been partnered with the Rainbow Club for a number of years, in particular the Rainbow Club hosts students on six month placements every year. Students benefit from the opportunity to observe the application of theory in practice, the ethics of community embedded service provision. The Rainbow Club is a grassroots project that is deeply embedded within the community and with the young people and families who use the service. Students are exposed to a holistic, multidisciplinary and client led service and this practical learning has been highly valued by our student population. Many of our students develop such a close bond with the rainbow Club that remain connected to the service for many years after they graduate, this is a testament to the warmth and community orientated nature of the service.’


Community-Academic Research Links (CARL) is an initiative in University College Cork which provides independent research support to non-profit community and voluntary groups.
The research is undertaken by students in collaboration with community partners across a wide range of disciplines and usually free of charge. Academic supervisors lend their expertise to the projects to ensure they meet the criteria for the students’ dissertations. The research topics are proposed by the community group, who lacks resources to undertake
this research but need the data in order to continue or improve their services. Often the reports are used to lobby policy makers and politicians to fund the much needed support to community members. CARL-students and the Rainbow Club have had several successful research collaborations since 2020 in the disciplines of psychology, medicine and social work. The research partnerships have explored, among other topics, adult siblings’ experiences of living with a brother/sister with autism, accessibility for children with autism in Cork University Hospital and social inclusion. All research reports can be read in full on the CARL-website: Research Reports | University College Cork (