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On September 7th we had the incredible privilege of appearing on RTÉ’s Nationwide. This was an incredible opportunity for us as a charity to share our stories and the stories of some of families to the nation.

Both Karen & Jon spoke bravely and truthfully of their journeys that led them to the creation of our beloved Rainbow Club. The Nationwide team brought viewers on a tour of our centre – showing off some of our amazing facilities and services on site.

Seán and Stephen both had the opportunity to speak about their own struggles and how the supports of both Karen & Jon and the Rainbow Club helped them to reach their full potential and achieve some incredible things.

Molly also had the chance to speak to cameras about her own struggles as a sibling and what led her to create the very much loved Sibling Supports here at Rainbow Club.

The episode was a huge success and caused a lot of positive conversations about us! Thank you so much to all involved in RTÉ and Nationwide for this amazing experience!